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Publicerat av Tony Harkén fredag, 06 september 2019.

Facebook’s latest data breach feeds a list of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of its privacy abuse victims.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to rehabilitate Facebook’s image is not going well. Since announcing a revamped “privacy-focused vision” for the company just months ago, it has faced multiple new and major security breaches.

The latest has seen up to 419 million users’ phone numbers exposed on an unprotected server and comes only weeks after the company was hit with a record $5 billion fine by the US Federal Trade Commission. The FEC fine followed a probe into the Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal, which was the lightbulb moment for many in gauging the true scale of Facebook’s privacy problem.

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Publicerat av

Tony Harkén


Klockan i Washington, USA

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