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Cognac for breakfast?

Cognac for breakfast?

Publicerat av Cecilia Helland lördag, 05 juli 2014.

Dave's EU nemesis has FAR worse skeletons in his closet, including his nasty habit of blowing taxpayers' millions on white elephants.  

Jean-Claude Juncker lives in a modest, suburban house in Luxembourg 

But as prime minister, he developed a set of worryingly expensive habits

During his 18 years as leader, he spent public money on grandiose projects  

One example is Luxembourg's Findel airport, which was millions over budget

‘’As one journalist put it: ‘If he can’t run a small country like ours (Luxembourg) efficiently, how can he hope to control 28 countries and 30,000 staff?’’

Read the full story atDailyMail

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Cecilia Helland

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