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Mother Of All Ironies

Mother Of All Ironies

Publicerat av Tony Harkén onsdag, 08 januari 2020.

US veterans are returning to Vietnam ‘for a better life’.

It sounds almost unbelievable, but a number of US citizens are deciding to cash out of the elusive ‘American dream’ as they settle down in foreign places, such as Vietnam, where many of them were once loathed as invaders.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. For many Americans, those names invoke powerful memories and images of unspeakable violence, and perhaps the last places on earth to consider visiting. Yet not only are more US veterans and retirees visiting Southeast Asia, an increasing number have decided to call it home. The reason? Many point to affordable healthcare, cheap rent and a rising standard of living.

Read more atRussia Today

Publicerat av

Tony Harkén


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