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BMW Partners Up with Estonian-Founded Tech Firm

BMW Partners Up with Estonian-Founded Tech Firm

Publicerat av Tony Harkén tisdag, 23 april 2013.

BMW has signed an agreement with the Estonian-founded tech company NOW! Innovations, a new strategic partner for providing mobile payment and billing solutions.

BMW plans to extend the scope of its mobile parking service beyond parking garages to include on-street parking as well. The service, ParkNow, allows users to reserve and pay for their parking place in advance.

"The integration of on-street parking is a major step in creating a one-stop parking experience," Joachim Hauser, Director of BMW Mobility Services, said in the press release.

NOW! Innovations is a global provider of mobile payment and billing solutions operating on three continents and in eight countries.

The company has developed a flexible and easy-to-use billing and payment platform for parking services.

Publicerat av

Tony Harkén


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